‘Coming out’ over generations: Australian lesbian and gay life stories

Published: Wednesday 2nd March 2016

National School of Arts Semester 1 2016 Research Seminar Series ‘Coming out’ over generations: Australian lesbian and gay life stories featuring Dr Shirleene Robinson (Macquarie University)

9 March 12pm and 1pm

Between 2012 and 2015, researchers from four different Australian universities travelled across Australia, collecting oral history interviews with sixty gay men and lesbians from five different generations.

The pace of social change surrounding attitudes towards homosexuality has been one of the most rapid to have occurred in Australian history. These interviews allowed us to explore the changing nature of lesbian and gay life and lesbian and gay cultural narratives in the context of this shift.

In this paper, I will focus closely on the ‘coming out’ narratives deployed by different participants in order to tease out more precisely how the meanings of being gay or lesbian in Australia over the past five decades might have shifted over time.   Dr Shirleene Robinson is a Macquarie University Vice Chancellor’s Innovation Fellow in Modern History.

She is currently a Chief Investigator for an ARC Discovery Project with ACU’s A/Prof Noah Riseman.

When: 9 March 12pm and 1pm (All Times in AEDT)


  • Video Conference Room Level 5.30 (Melbourne)
  • Meeting Room 5.03 (Ballarat)
  • Meeting Room AC.22 (Brisbane)
  • Meeting Room 1.10 (Canberra)
  • Meeting Room Level 16 (North Sydney)
  • Meeting Room VC Room 2.45 (Strathfield)

For more information, please contact:

NSW: Melissa Bellanta (melissa.bellanta@acu.edu.au)

VIC: Mark Chou (mark.chou@acu.edu.au)

QLD: Maggie Nolan (marguerite.nolan@acu.edu.au)