Closing the evaluation feedback loop

Published: Monday 8th August 2016

Engaging academic staff in the evaluation process, including in the Student Evaluation of Learning and Teaching (SELT) survey, is one of the challenges in higher education. Academic and other staff responsible for teaching in units and/or coordinating courses, are often too busy to spend the necessary time to reflect on the feedback collected through the SELT survey. Ideally, staff should be interpreting and understanding the evaluation data and using this information to improve teaching practice, the curriculum and so on.

A range of resources have been developed to support staff in their reflective practice. These resources include information on guiding students to give constructive feedback, increasing response rates so that feedback is representative of the class, and the important process of communicating to students the outcomes of the evaluation process. There are also recordings of academics discussing how student feedback is used at both faculty and unit levels.

The main aims of these resources are to promote positive staff engagement with teaching/unit evaluations and to encourage staff to view their data as one source of the information needed to assess the quality of a unit and the teaching in that unit.

The resources can be accessed via the Closing the Evaluation Feedback Loop website.  The Learning and Teaching Centre welcomes any feedback and suggestions from staff.  Please use the feedback page in the resources to submit this.