Changes to ACU Student Leadership & Representation

Published: Wednesday 19th August 2015

Up until the present, the Student member of Senate (Student Senator) has also assumed the role of President of the ACU National Student Association (ACUNSA), the committee comprising the presidents of the Campus Student Associations.

In the future, these two roles will be separated.

The Student Senator will continue to be on Academic Board, and as Senator is a director of the company Australian Catholic University Limited. The Student Senator is not required to be a member of a Campus Student Association. An election for the 2016 Student Senator will be held before the end of the year. All students currently undertaking at least one course of study at ACU are eligible to nominate candidates, be nominated for office and to vote for the position of Student member of Senate. Postgraduate and Undergraduate students will be invited to nominate.

The President of ACUNSA will now be a stand-alone role. All members of Campus Student Associations are eligible to nominate candidates, be nominated for office and to vote for the President of ACUNSA position.

ACUNSA is a committee of students comprising the Presidents of all recognised Campus Student Associations and the ACUNSA President. ACUNSA's purpose is:

(a) furthering the mission and ethos of the University

(b) facilitating and encouraging the student experience at ACU

(c) advocating for and representing students by assisting in the communication of issues raised by students to the University.

Election of the President of ACUNSA will be at the same time as elections for the Office Holders for the Campus Student Association management committees. The election process will commence in early September. More information about the timing of the elections, the roles and how to nominate and vote will be provided to students shortly.