Central exam paper uploads: Printing, auditing and deadlines

Published: Monday 13th April 2015

Exam paper uploads for printing

The Online Examination Request system (exam upload website) is now open for exam paper submission. Please refer to the Exams Upload Guide, which explains the steps required to successfully submit your central exam paper for printing, and also answers a number of print requirement questions.

A range of guides to the exam printing process can be found on SharePoint.

IMPORTANT: If you are personally required to upload exam papers and do not see the upload exam button next to relevant units when you logged into the system, please contact us immediately.

Specific permission to upload is controlled by TE&R as a security measure and can be quickly provided as required.

Remember that every Main and Deferred exam for every unit (including dual-coded units, eg NRSG and NRPL units) must be uploaded. This involves one round of loading Main exams and a repeat round via the alternative link to upload Deferred exam papers.

Exam auditing and final date for exam paper uploads

The current list of examinations requested (and not requested) can be reviewed within the Online Examination Request system via the 'View Summary of Exam Requests' option.

The current list of exam papers that have been uploaded can be reviewed via the 'View Printable List of Units' option within the system.

You are encouraged to check this list regularly and to take action to ensure that all papers are submitted for printing by the due date. School executives have the option to nominate a staff member (academic or administrative) to audit exam paper upload compliance on the school's behalf. Please contact us to arrange access, if this is required.

The Online Examination Request system will close at 4pm on Friday 1 May 2015.

Please be aware that due to strict timelines we are unable to accept any uploads after the systems closes.

All Semester 1 central examination papers must be submitted via the Online Examination Request system for printing. Please familiarise yourself with the MOU governing the exam upload process (also available on SharePoint) regarding the amendments that are being made to policy and procedure in line with the new upload process.

Student Centres will not be involved with exam printing processes, nor will accept examination papers under any circumstances.

Note: Examination papers that are not received online by the due date become the responsibility of the Lecturer in Charge. These must be produced independently by the school and delivered to the Examinations Distribution Centre on Monday 25 May 2015.

Please contact us if you require further information.