Calling for volunteer evacuation wardens

Published: Wednesday 10th February 2016

Message from Associate Vice-Chancellor (Students, Learning & Teaching) Professor Marea Nicholson: In preparation for a busy 2016, ACU Sydney campuses need your assistance as a volunteer evacuation warden. Many staff members have already volunteered to become evacuation wardens and play a crucial role in educating other staff members, students, contractors and visitors about evacuation protocols but more are needed at each Campus.

Calling for Volunteers

By nominating as an evacuation warden:

  • Strengthen your alignment with ACU’s mission and values;
  • Make a meaningful contributing to the safety of our campuses;
  • Strengthen your knowledge of evacuation protocols and
  • Attend annual refresher courses.

Nominated Supervisors and Managers

Nominated supervisors and managers are also encouraged to talk to their team about these roles and to encourage staff members to a significant contribution toward ACU’s emergency responses during emergencies.

Strengthening our Emergency Response

At least two evacuation wardens are needed on each floor of every building within ACU, including student accommodation facilities. The table at the end of this email lists the Evacuation Wardens at your Campus and the additional roles that need to be filled to ensure that we can continue to effectively evacuate building, in emergencies, in an orderly, safe and rapid manner.

Tapping Volunteers on the Shoulder

We will following up this email by prompting nominated supervisors to encourage members of their team to perform this vital role. Members of your Facilities/Campus Management team will also be talking to members of the WHS Committees about these roles as we need to mobilise our community to strengthen our capabilities to respond to emergencies. Facilities Managers at your Campus will also be prompting individual work areas to nominating evacuation wardens.

Please contact for further information on how you can help us to continue to maintain a safe working and learning environment across ACU.