Calling for NSW staff volunteers!

Published: Wednesday 4th February 2015

Staff volunteers in NSW are needed to provide an opportunity for second year occupational therapy students to practice computer workstation assessments in a work environment.

North Sydney occupational therapy students enrolled in the unit, Ergonomics and Occupational Health and Safety in Semester 1 2015, are required to conduct a computer workstation assessment to develop knowledge and skills in computer workstation assessment and applying ergonomic principals in office ergonomics. Your participation will allow students to conduct an ergonomic assessment at your computer work station.

The computer workstation assessment will involve:

  • Students in groups of two or three contacting you to arrange a time for the computer work station assessment. Students are required to contact you before 20 March 2015 and are required to conduct the assessment between 20 March and 8 April 2015.
  • Students interviewing you to gain an overview of your duties.
  • Students conducting a computer workstation assessment.
  • Students analysing the computer workstation and work tasks performed by you to evaluate Occupational Health and Safety risk.

A total of one hour is anticipated for students to conduct the interview and assessment in one visit. Attached is a participant information and consent form with further details regarding what is involved and the paperwork that needs to be completed.

Your support to our students is highly valued and much appreciated.

If you are interested in volunteering, please send your reply, contact details and completed consent form to Anita Volkert via email at If you have any questions regarding participation please also contact Anita Volkert via email.