North Sydney Scholarships, Bursaries, Faculty Prizes and Awards Ceremony

Published: Monday 11th May 2015

These ceremonies are an important event for the university, as it not only celebrates the achievements of our students on our North Sydney campus but also an opportunity to show our sincere appreciation to our generous donors, partners and supporters.

Firstly, congratulations to all the wonderful students on their hard work, which has brought its just rewards. It is not easy being a student today - the financial burden can be challenging and even more so if the student comes from a regional area and has to travel to pursue their dream.  Nevertheless, their commitment and ability wins through and it is a tribute to them.

The ceremony hosted by Associate Vice-Chancellor Professor Marea Nicholson was a full house and the evening started by awarding nine ACU Academic Excellence Scholarships. These scholarships were established to celebrate ACU’s 25th Anniversary and are awarded to high achieving undergraduate students across all faculties. Overall, the evening saw eleven Prizes and Awards and eleven Scholarships awarded to worthy recipients.

A special mention about the Mary Curran Scholarship; established by local North Sydney resident Mary Curran. A couple of years ago Mary had to undergo a heart surgery caused by a life threatening accident. During her time in hospital, Mary was cared and treated by ACU Nursing students and in addition, the ACU students even looked after her pet cat ‘Cicero’. After a full recovery, Mary established her scholarship at ACU, to support ACU nursing students in their second or third year of study who undertake a placement at a local hospital.

The ceremony’s vote of thanks was delivered by Justine Roberts, the first ever recipient of the Mary Curran scholarship. In her speech, Justine highlighted the importance of scholarships and bursaries to help students achieve their dreams and goals of attaining a tertiary education. The Mary Curran scholarship has enabled Justine to pursue her community engagement abroad by travelling to Baucau, East Timor to participate in the Train the Trainer program. This delivers education designed to empower local healthcare workers and village volunteers in the provision of basic primary care, relating to the specific healthcare needs of the Timorese.

In addition, Carla Todaro was the recipient of the Thomas More Academy of Law Academic Excellence Scholarship. Initiated in 2012, the Scholarship reflects ACU's commitment to academic excellence in the undergraduate law program. This prestigious scholarship is valued at $20,000 and was presented by Professor Laurence Boulle from the Thomas More Academy of Law.

The ACU Foundation is deeply grateful for the generous support of our donors and partners and for believing in our students and supporting them. In addition, ACU Foundation would also like to extend its appreciation to all faculty members that attended the event and supporting all the recipients.

Our sincere congratulations to all the following Scholarships, Bursaries, Prizes and Awards winners,

Louise Young, Wei Liu, Kimberley Cochrane, Naomi Horschak, Ellen Alexander, Heidi Pfeiffer, Lauren Spicer, Elena Bartos, Brigitte Egan, Samantha Yeung, Milah Sartika, Wenhong Ma, Matthew Girgis, Michael Barton, Brooke Anderson, Luzelle Anne Maca, Justine Roberts, Gabrielle Dunford, Gemma Scremin, Carla Todaro and Stephanie Davies