Building an ACU service culture: Service Matters update

Published: Tuesday 21st April 2015

Our new Strategic Plan 2015-2020 has set the goal for ACU to create a culture of performance and service excellence, and the Service Matters Framework is a key strategy to achieve that goal. In this update I want to highlight how we are progressing with implementation of the Framework. 

Service improvements – progress to date 

You may be aware that the University has recently produced a range of service improvements for the ACU community. These range from a new HR system (Service Now) to improve the response to HR queries through to the launch of a new student mobile app to provide students with a diverse suite of interactive features to enhance their learning experience. 

In addition to these types of initiatives, your previous feedback about ways to improve our services is being progressed by Service Leads through our Service Improvement Register. For an update on the status of this work, visit the Service Matters website

Building a service culture

Translating our Service Principles into operational practice is being progressed through a range of strategies. They have been embedded into our recruitment, selection and induction processes. The planning process is also being used to operationalise the ACU Service Principles through organisational unit plans and personal performance plans. 

We are also including the Framework in our suite of professional development programs. Recently we provided a customer service workshop program for staff. This is being followed by a new workshop program for Supervisors & Team-leaders on Creating and Leading Service Excellence. The program commences early next month and I encourage relevant staff to register their interest through Staff Connect

Your feedback matters 

In June you will have the chance to help shape how we do our work through participation in the second Service Matters Survey. The staff survey is designed to measure staff satisfaction with the quality of professional services. We will be able to compare results with last year’s survey to see what is working well and what could be improved. I will provide further information about the survey in the coming weeks.

However, you don’t have to wait for the survey to tell us your service improvement ideas. Your suggestions are always welcome. You can share your improvement ideas with your colleagues and managers and via the Service Matters website

ACU Service Catalogue

The ACU Service Catalogue has been refined and updated. It provides a comprehensive list of all professional services delivered across the University and the nominated Service Lead for each of category of service. You can visit the Service Matters website to see the current version. 

Service is integral to our identity and mission and I thank you for your continued efforts to build our service culture through the Service Matters Framework. 

Regards, Stephen