Are you overdue for a holiday?

Published: Monday 20th July 2015

Staff are encouraged to take their leave and to plan ahead annually for periods of Recreational Leave.

Supporting a healthy work and life balance for our staff is important at ACU and the University provides a range of generous leave entitlements for staff within the ACU Staff Enterprise Agreement 2013-2017.  

Staff are encouraged to take their leave and to plan ahead annually for periods of Recreational Leave.  Regular breaks from work have been shown to increase a personal sense of wellbeing, and periods of rest and relaxation often boost creativity and productivity upon your return to work.

In order to encourage staff to take appropriate periods of leave, the University has committed to a Leave Management Strategy. 

The benefit of an organisation-wide approach to the proper management of leave is two-fold.  Firstly, enabling and encouraging staff to access and arrange appropriate periods of leave is supportive of wellbeing and general health.  Secondly, it is important that the University keep organisational leave liabilities at acceptable levels.

The Leave Management Strategy

Key actions the University will undertake in support of this strategy are: 

Increased support to nominated supervisors and managers to ensure that leave entitlements are approved appropriately in accordance to the University’s leave policies.

Quarterly reporting of leave accruals within organisational units, which will help identify where excess leave is accruing so that an appropriate leave plan can be discussed with affected staff members. 

Individual communication with staff members who are identified as having an excess of annual leave (Recreational Leave) or Long Service Leave accrued, to assist them in arranging to take an appropriate period of leave.

Do you know how much leave you have accrued?

Are you overdue for a break?  You can check your leave balances at any time by logging into Staff Connect and clicking on My Leave.  I encourage every staff member to track their leave accrual and plan for periods of rest from working life by discussing their leave plans with their manager.

If you require any further information about leave entitlements, please contact HR Advisory Service or on extension 4222.

Regards, Stephen