Admissions Managers and Officers Symposium

Published: Thursday 16th October 2014

Admissions Managers And Officers Symposium

Sydney (ACU North Sydney campus):  Thursday 23 October 2014,  9am – 4pm   


This symposium brings together the expertise and knowledge vital to the sector and allows an opportunity to network with your contemporaries.


Streamlining admissions processes and making them as seamless as possible is the aim of all tertiary institutions, but of course this is impinged upon by the needs of the institutions and the requirements of government.

UAC will provide background on changes recently implemented that aim to provide UAC’s institutions with a more flexible admissions process for undergraduate domestic applications, highlighting the issues and challenges encountered when operating a full-year admission cycle.   UAC will also discuss Schools Recommendation Schemes (SRS), a new centralised process introduced this year to service nine institutions.

These changes will be explained in the context of UAC’s history of expanding its services to meet the specific requirements of participating institutions.


This is a national forum designed to bring institutions up to date with the latest information with speakers from UAC in NSW, a report from the Streamlined visa procession forum recently held, and a more philosophical discussion on the ethics of the admission process. It will be followed in the ATEM tradition of allowing a free-ranging networking and knowledge sharing session.


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