ACUXtra: New student discount program launched

Published: Tuesday 24th February 2015

ACUXtra logo 

ACUXtra provides a range of benefits to all ACU students, irrespective of their enrolling campus or their attendance pattern, which is particularly vital for away-from-base and part-time students who spend minimal time on physical campuses. The program is funded by SSAF and is available at no extra charge to all enrolled international and domestic students.

ACU has partnered with Infinite Rewards to deliver a web-based, hosted rewards platform that is online and accessible 24/7, with customer service available via phone, email and instant messaging. The program will expand the University’s program delivery mix from predominantly on-campus delivery modes, to a more diverse delivery model, mirroring the changing relationship students have with their University.

ACUXtra has been launched with over a hundred partners offered by Infinite Rewards. Each partner was targeted based on an analysis of ACU's student demographic and existing survey data. More local businesses are being added each month, with deals that complement the campus-based services and activities. Engagement and feedback from students is vital to targeting discount offers from local food and drink and entertainment providers.

Student deals are available in a range of categories:

  • fashion and beauty
  • food and drink
  • gifts
  • health
  • sport and fitness
  • home and automotive
  • movies and entertainment
  • music
  • magazines and books
  • technology
  • theme parks
  • travel and experiences

Examples of the discounts available include 50 per cent off movie tickets, five per cent off groceries and fuel from the major retailers, and 15 to 30 per cent off a range of online fashion retailers.

More information 

For further information about ACUXtra, visit the website or email

Test accounts are available for staff who are interested in exploring the program further.