ACU voice disorder expert helps Vietnamese speech pathologists

Published: Wednesday 11th November 2015

Professor of Speech Pathology Paul Carding will be visiting Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine, Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam this December to provide a series of workshops and master classes to a number of Speech Pathologists who graduated from the university in 2012 and 2014.

This is supported by The Trinh Foundation Australia, which recognises that these clinicians do not otherwise have access to post-graduate professional development.

While most of these Speech Pathologists work in Ho Chi Min City, a number of others live and work in Hanoi, Lam Dong, Danang and Ba Ria.

Professor Carding is also involved in building a research culture and program with these students.

“I am very excited about sharing my knowledge and experience with these Vietnamese colleagues. There is also a fascinating opportunity to develop cross-cultural speech, language, voice and communication research initiatives,” he said.

“In addition I am keen to investigate the possibility of establishing clinical observational placements at Pham Thach University of Medicine for our Speech Pathology students at ACU.”

Professor Carding is a world expert in voice disorders- specifically related to voice damage and laryngeal disease. Vietnam has one of the highest incidences of throat cancer in the world.

Vietnamese is a “tonal” language which requires subtle changes in vocal intonation to indicate significant differences in meaning.