ACU teams with Yarra City Council

Published: Monday 13th July 2015

ACU teams with Melbourne’s Yarra City Council


 Yarra Mayor, Cr Phillip Vlahogiannis, City of Yarra chief executive officer Vijaya Vaidyanath and Associate Vice-Chancellor Dr John Ballard

ACU and Yarra City Council in Melbourne have reached an agreement to share knowledge and expertise, help guide the University’s capital works program, and collaborate on community-focused initiatives.

One of the most exciting aims of the recently signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is to ensure high quality urban design for the University’s Fitzroy campus, an outcome that will also benefit surrounding communities.

Associate Vice-Chancellor Dr John Ballard said that “the mutual good will and intent of both parties is integral to ACU’s commitment to work collaboratively with our diverse communities. We look forward to building on our long standing relationship with the City of Yarra and our surrounding community”.

Under the agreement, Council staff will may receive professional development opportunities from the ACU, while key Council officers will may serve as guest speakers at the University. University academics may also serve on Council committees where their expertise will enhance community outcomes. 

Yarra Mayor, Cr Phillip Vlahogiannis, said that “We’ll work with the ACU at the conceptual stage of development to preserve the unique character of our city and guide the evolution of its built form.”

“We’ll also be looking to collaborate on programs offering a cultural and economic benefit to Yarra,” he said. “For example, we’ll be looking at ways to encourage students to engage further with Council programs and events, and to expand the benefits of ACU activities into the wider community.”

This MoU is a part of ACU’s commitment to work collaboratively with local communities across their seven campuses in Australia.