ACU Teaching Award winners 2015

Published: Wednesday 14th October 2015

Professor Anne Cummins, DVC (SLT) congratulates the following ACU academics and staff who have been awarded a range of teaching awards, from the prestigious Vice-Chancellor’s Teaching Excellence awards to various Citations for Outstanding Contributions for Student Learning. All winners are to be congratulated for their commitment and contribution to developing and improving the quality of teaching practice at our university.

Vice-Chancellor’s Teaching Excellence Award

Dr Noah Riseman, Faculty of Education and Arts, Melbourne

Dr Noah Riseman ignites students' passions by bringing history to life. He uses pop culture as "hooks" to inspire students to think critically about the past; to research and analyse history's meanings; and to question different perspectives at play. He devises "reaction games": role-playing exercises that have students imagine themselves as historical actors. This leading pedagogical approach encourages deep learning, introduces new perspectives and empowers students to participate in ongoing historical debates as active historians.

Vice-Chancellor’s Postgraduate Teaching Excellence Award

(From top left clockwise) Ms Rose McMaster, Faculty of Health Science, North Sydney, Dr Val Goodwin, Faculty of Health Science, Ballarat; Ms Meghan Appleby, Learning and Teaching Centre and Ms Sandra Hyde, Faculty of Health Science, Brisbane.

For significant contribution to the development, marketing and implementation of curricula and resources for a suite of Postgraduate Mental Health studies, by a team of experienced clinicians, eLearning designer and academics.


Dr Amy Chapman (top) Faculty of Education and Arts, North Sydney and Dr Natasha Wardman, Faculty of Education and Arts, Strathfield.

For collaboratively designing a research-led curriculum in teacher professional ethics that promotes pre-service teachers in understanding and reasoning through ethical tensions during final professional placement.

Dr Georgia Clarkson, Faculty of Health Sciences, Melbourne

For leadership of the development and implementation of distinctive curricula within the discipline of paramedicine inclusive of undergraduate, postgraduate and combined degree programs.

Dr Cathie Harrison, Faculty of Education and Arts, Strathfield

For leadership and innovation in curricula development teaching and provision of services and resources that reflect strong command of the field of early childhood education.

Associate Professor Theda Thomas, Faculty of Education and Arts, Melbourne

For a sustained, scholarly approach to leading curriculum development that develops students as learners, practitioners and critical thinkers in their discipline.

Citations (Early Career)

Ms Brianna Chesser, Faculty of Law and Business, Melbourne

For leadership in the design of student-centric criminal law and evidence curricula that incorporated innovative teaching methods to maximise student engagement and achievement.

Mr Heath Gangell, Faculty of Health Sciences, Melbourne

For the implementation of educational approaches within the Bachelor of Paramedicine curriculum that promote self-directed learning and the development of learning communities.

Mr Michael Noetel, Faculty of Health Sciences, Strathfield

For practicing what we preach: blending psychology and pedagogy research to deliver motivating and inspiring units in an evolving student landscape.

Citation (Sessional staff)

Dr Laura Saxton, Faculty of Education and Arts, Melbourne

For drawing on interdisciplinary research to design innovative curricula which relate Medieval and Early Modern European history to students’ contemporary societies.

Citation (Integrating Catholic Intellectual Tradition in Teaching Practice)

Mr Paul Chalkley, Faculty of Education and Arts, Melbourne

A sincere belief in the dignity of every student drives my passion for teaching.  Imbued with a desire to see our mission brought alive in the learning of our students, I deliver a teaching style that manifests the Catholic Intellectual Tradition in the learning of our students.