ACU Teaching Award winners

Published: Monday 27th October 2014

Vice-Chancellor’s Teaching Excellence Award

Dr Timothy McKenry, Faculty of Education and Arts, Melbourne

Dr Timothy McKenry is a senior lecturer in music composition, musicology and cultural studies. He has lectured at ACU since 2006 and has seventeen years’ experience as a tertiary educator. He is a passionate advocate of inclusive music education and through national advocacy and academic leadership has transformed the teaching of composition in both tertiary and senior-secondary settings from a dated one-on-one apprenticeship model to a model that is modern, stylistically relevant and accessible to large-cohorts. In addition to renewing the teaching of music at ACU to be student-centred and aligned with graduate career outcomes, he has contributed to music education through the development of policy, curricula and teaching resources for state and federal music education authorities. His research into music education includes investigations into how inherited modes of pedagogy skew the learning experience for music students, and an examination of the ethical issues surrounding the construction of repertoire for music education programs in Australia.


Dr Santha James, Faculty of Health Sciences, Melbourne: for engaging students from diverse backgrounds in the science curriculum and inspiring them for critical thinking and lifelong learning through passionate and scholarly teaching.

Dr Helen Webb, Faculty of Health Sciences, Ballarat: for significant contribution in engaging and motivating paramedic students to learn through the design and implementation of the Diggers Trail Wilderness Exercise.

Mr Anthony Whitty, Faculty of Health Sciences, Melbourne: for continued commitment to motivate and inspire student learning in their academic and inter-professional units.

Away from Base Bachelor of Midwifery Team: Associate Professor Paula Schulz, Ms Machellee Kosiak, Ms Gail Baker, Ms Denise Burdett-Jones, Ms Krishna Heffernan, Ms Joclyn Neal and Dr Lynne Dunne, Faculty of Health Sciences, Brisbane: for engaging and supporting Indigenous student learning within an innovative Away from Base Bachelor of Midwifery program.

Citations (Early Career)

Ms Nicole Blakey, Faculty of Health Sciences, Melbourne: for leadership of a curriculum re-design to enhance clinical reasoning skills in final semester nursing students.

Dr Robyn Moffitt, Faculty of Health Sciences, Brisbane: for consistently achieving outstanding student evaluations for teaching and learning in undergraduate research design and statistics units in psychology.