ACU strength in education research

Published: Monday 17th November 2014

ACU strength in education research

Dear Colleagues,

Following news of our seven successful ARC grants, I’m writing to provide more detail about ACU’s particularly strong performance in education research.

Five of our ARC grants were awarded in education (Field of Research 13: Education) to researchers from the Learning Sciences Institute Australia (LSIA) and the Institute of Positive Psychology and Education (IPPE).  Two of the grants were awarded to Indigenous researchers. Only one other University (ANU) received two grants in the ARC Indigenous Discovery Program.

ACU was the only university to win five grants in FOR 13: Education in this year’s round; four universities won two grants each. ACU gained $1,742,676 for the grants in education and this was the largest amount of funding awarded to any university in education in this year’s round.   

These excellent results demonstrate that ACU is positioning itself to become a leading research university and they highlight our commitment to supporting and developing excellence in our Research. I offer my congratulations to the researchers and to all of those in the Faculties who supported staff in the development of the applications.

Three of the grants were awarded to LSIA researchers.

LSIA Program Director, Professor Joy Cumming, and colleagues Professor Claire Wyatt-Smith, Professor Karen Harris and Professor Steve Graham were awarded a Discovery Grant for their research Effective teacher-based assessments for students with disability.

Associate Professor Susan Edwards and Associate Professor Joce Nuttall were awarded a Discovery Grant for research on New play pedagogies for teaching and learning in the early years.

Associate Professor Vince Geiger was awarded a Discovery Early Career Researcher Award for his research Designing and implementing effective cross-curricular numeracy tasks.

Two of the grants were awarded to Indigenous researchers from the IPPE.

Professor Janet Mooney and colleagues Dr Anthony Dillon, Dr Natasha Magson, Dr Fabri Blacklock and Dr Marjorie Seaton were awarded an Indigenous Discovery Grant for her research Triumphing in the new Indigenous Australia: Explicating key psychosocial determinants of successful Indigenous professionals’ socio-economic wellbeing.

Dr Fabri Blacklock was awarded an Indigenous Discovery Grant for her research Keeping culture: Utilising Koori Elders wisdom and knowledge in education.

In addition to this impressive performance by our education researchers, Professor Morag McArthur, Director of the Institute for Child Protection Studies, a Program in the LSIA, and her colleagues Dr Tim Moore and Dr Stephanie Taplin, were awarded a Discovery Grant grant for their research Involving children in social research: balancing the risks and benefits.

A Discovery Grant was also awarded to Professor Sandra Jones for her research Drunk on confidence, glamour, and fun: Alcohol advertising to women in Australia.  Professor Jones is from ACU’s Centre for Health and Social Research, part of The Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research (MMIHR).   

The success of our colleagues offers further evidence that our research intensification strategy is beginning to bear fruit.

We offer our warmest congratulations to them all.





Professor Wayne McKenna

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)