ACU rolls out boosted midyear campaign

Published: Friday 10th June 2016

ACU’s midyear recruitment campaign is in market and follows two years of highly successful efforts in which large numbers of enrolments were achieved.

The 2016 midyear campaign’s main message is “Ready to make a difference. You can too” and will be seen across a wide variety of promotional platforms.

Marketing and External Relations Director Andrea Turley said ACU’s campaign includes a new campaign website for midyear

Ms Turley said the site further demonstrates how ACU graduates make a difference through rich content as well as providing key information for applying.

She said the campaign is designed to promote awareness of ACU and its credentials around the range of courses available for study targeting non school leavers and postgraduate students.

“This approach will see many industry specific print and online publications, reaching existing professionals looking for postgraduate specialisation,” she said.

Ms Turley said supporting messaging highlights how ACU graduates are building a better world everyday through their work both in Australia and around the globe.

“ACU has been an important part of their journey because here they’ve gained more than a qualification,” she said.

The campaign will also target a wider national audience for both the postgraduate and non-school leaver markets.

The campaign will be seen across social media and online display ads and will be driven by email and search engine marketing efforts.

Promotion will also be spread across major outdoor billboards and tram and buses and have been selected to maximise exposure to both vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

The promotions will be displayed on buses

And also on trams