ACU Open Day at St Patrick's Campus

Published: Wednesday 17th August 2016

Photo of Dr John Ballard

Message from Associate Vice-Chancellor (Melbourne) Dr John Ballard: On Sunday 14 August the St Patrick’s Campus was host to nearly 9,000 visitors enquiring about courses and enrolment opportunities.

We were fortunate to experience a Spring-like day and the activity and music complimented the many stalls and information sessions available. Our student volunteers and staff were outstanding in their support of our guests, coping with the diversity of questions and the crush of people.

The degree of engagement seemed greater than past years and I had very positive feedback on the day from visitors as I roamed around helping people find their way. I accompanied a mother and daughter and enquired of the daughter as to what courses were of interest to her, only to be pulled up by her mother to inform me that she was the prospective student. I should have known better than to make assumptions. I did, however, elicit from her a definitive commitment that St Patrick’s is her preferred place to study and introduced her to a prospective tutor.

Behind the scenes there are always a few minor glitches with any event. These were carefully managed by our Concierge and Marketing teams. A glitch that found its way to front of house was the simultaneous failure of three of the four lifts in the Daniel Mannix Building, the focal point for Health Science. This has never happened before and resulted in some 20 people stuck in the lifts for 10 minutes. Not a good look, but one our teams responded to professionally and rapidly.

Open Day this year was another success and this was due not to the fine weather, but the enthusiastic and generous support of our students and staff. At the end of the day, like the late and long serving president of the International Olympic Committee, Chair Juan Samaranch, I have to declare that this has been our best Open Day ever.