ACU History Book - a great Christmas present

Published: Monday 23rd November 2015

As ACU’s 25th anniversary year draws to a close and the festive Christmas season commences, it is timely to remind you that ACU’s own history book - Australia’s Catholic University:  The First Twenty-Five Years – is available for purchase from the Coop Bookshop for $35.00.

This beautifully crafted pictorial book not only provides a valuable historical record of the early days of ACU, it also is an excellent Christmas gift, attractive coffee table centerpiece or commemorative addition to your personal library.

The central story the book tells is the transformation of a scattering of small teaching and nursing colleges into a university which has a wide range of courses and a prominent presence in Australia’s leading cities.

It also highlights ACU’s commitment to students and staff working for the common good.Throughout the book there are profiles of individuals who have worked in the University, some for its full twenty-five years.