ACU helps develop Sharia law website

Published: Monday 25th May 2015

ACU researchers are working with their counterparts at Harvard University to help produce a new website that aims to improve access to Sharia law and Islamic legal issues.

More than a billion people globally live in countries that use legal systems linked to sharia—defined quite broadly as the “divine word of God”—however it can be hard to easily access reliable information about these legal traditions. 

SHARIASource is designed for easy public consumption and will gather basic information, primary and secondary sources, and scholarly debates on topics spanning dozens of countries and more than 1,400 years of history.

The project is led by Harvard Law School (HLS) professor Intisar A. Rabb and ACU professors have agreed to take charge of developing content on Islamic law in Southeast Asia, including major Muslim countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei.

The site is intended as a platform for researchers to engage with their peers. Contributors will also be responsible for thoughtfully adding tags on subjects and themes to the database’s ever-growing network of sources from around the world in order to help fellow researchers make connections among different eras, regions, and areas of expertise.

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