ACU cuts paper use by 51 per cent

Published: Monday 7th September 2015


ACU has reduced its consumption of paper by 51 per cent since 2013, according to the latest figures from the Directorate of Infrastructure.

The figures show that the University has saved enough paper to create a pile 205 metres high – almost three times the height of North Sydney’s 22-storey Tenison Woods House.

The key to these savings is the IT Directorate’s decision to introduce a fleet of Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) to replace the University’s assortment of printers, photocopiers and faxes. 

The MFDs enabled two-sided printing by default, and through the use of PINs largely put an end to the expensive piles of unwanted documents left sitting on printers. 

But it’s the default two-sided printing by students that has delivered most of the savings, following the Library Directorate’s concerted effort throughout 2014 to ensure that its student-printers – the University’s busiest – printed on both sides of paper by default. 

This has seen the amount of paper printed per student fall from 207 sheets printed per student in 2013, to just 85 sheets printed per student by June this year.