ACU Capability Development Framework - How does it apply to me?

Published: Monday 12th December 2016

View an animated video for an overview of the Capability Development Framework and how it applies to you.Booklets for the ACU Capability Development Framework (CDF) are being delivered to the desks of staff this week. The framework applies to all ACU staff and will help you to gain clarity on your role and to plan your professional development.

Watch the video for an overview

To find out about the framework and how it applies to you, watch a short animated video on the CDF website.

The CDF is a whole-of-organisation approach to developing and strengthening the capabilities needed to achieve our strategy and support our Mission and is part of the ongoing investment in the professional development of our staff.

The CDF describes ten core competencies that are needed in our staff in every area of the University and explains the different expectations for each level of staff, management, executive leadership and senior executive leadership.

You can explore the competencies and how they apply to your role by reading the CDF booklet that has been distributed to staff, or by accessing the CDF website.