ACU Campaign Launches

Published: Wednesday 13th August 2014

Dear colleagues,

I am excited to announce the launch of the new ACU marketing campaign for 2014/2015. The campaign, which introduces the tagline 'A Life Less Ordinary', will be rolled out across all ACU markets over the coming weeks. A website has been developed for future students and I invite you to explore it at

The idea of 'A Life Less Ordinary' stems from ACU's mission to develop well-rounded students who are not only educated and skilled, but ethical, sensitive to injustice and motivated to contribute to the common good. Our students go on to lead a life less ordinary, and they are the inspiration for this campaign. You can read some of their stories here.

In a promising sign, the campaign site has just won the international CSS Design Awards 'Website of the Day (WOTD)' for Sunday 10 August. The site beat contenders from South Korea, France, the United States, Russia, Japan and Britain and the win has generated close to 2,000 visits to the site in the past 24 hours. Using the latest technology aligned to best practice, the site features a modular design that optimises content across desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Over the next four weeks, the Marketing and External Relations (MER) team will expand the site to include profiles of postgraduate students as well as tailored postgraduate content.

MER has been refining the campaign concept of 'A Life Less Ordinary' over the past six months, conducting surveys and focus groups to test ideas, concepts, photography, videography and taglines. The feedback from ACU students has been invaluable and helped form the final concept you see today. As part of the campaign, MER has also launched the hashtag #ACUlife, which has already been embraced by current students.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the whole MER team on this innovative campaign. It was a team effort, with contributions from the Communications staff (for the student profiles), the Design Studio (for the creative rollout), Strategy and Planning (for the target market profiling) and April de Haan (Acting Associate Director, Marketing and Communications) and her team for the campaign site design. Frank Digital developed the site and photo and video content was supplied by award-winning photographer Anna Zhu.

If you have any feedback or queries about the marketing campaign, or campaign site, please contact Chrissa Favaloro, Acting Director, Marketing and External Relations.

Regards, Stephen


Dr Stephen Weller

Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Vice-Chancellor