ACU Brisbane Biomedical Science students visit QIMR Berghofer

Published: Wednesday 2nd November 2016

The Faculty of Health Science has only been running the Bachelor of Biomedical Science at the Brisbane Campus for two years and, although the cohort is small, they are enthusiastic and keen to develop their skills. Some 14 first-year students recently attended the Queensland Institute for Medical Research to participate in a workshop titled 'The day in the life of a scientist".

Students consolidated the year's work by practicing some molecular biology techniques which are used in every medical research laboratory. DNA samples were used to track genetic polymorphisms and ultimately 'profile' the DNA samples in a family pedigree. Students honed their skills in using a micropipette, DNA extraction, pouring and loading an electrophoresis gel and making serial dilutions. They were then given results to analyse.

The Biomedical Science students also enjoyed the opportunity of being shown around Dr Simon Apte's research laboratory at QIMR on the 12th floor.  Simon is a sessional tutor at ACU.

Overall it was a very worthwhile experience inspiring students to continue to work hard in their studies and in their pursuit of a career in the medical sciences.