Ballarat scholarships and awards ceremony

Published: Friday 5th August 2016

On a brisk autumn day on Thursday, 5 May the Aquinas campus was host to ACU Ballarat’s scholarships and awards ceremony. Led by campus dean, Associate Professor Joe Fleming, who kept the audience greatly entertained with his personality, humour, and tales of health woes, the ceremony recognised the many achievements of the student base and the important contribution of the local organisations and people who support the University. The awards recognised an array of accomplishments, including academic excellence, community engagement and contribution, professional values and excellence, and catholic values.  ACU was privileged to have representatives from:

  • Paramedics Australasia
  • The George Alexander Foundation
  • Rotary Club of Ballarat and Ballarat South
  • Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea
  • Victorian Teachers Mutual Bank, Ambulance Employees Australia
  • Catholic Education Office (Ballarat)
  • The Albert Coates Memorial Trust
  • St John of God Health Care

The comradery and mutual respect between the students and staff of the campus was clear throughout the ceremony. When Associate Professor Helen Webb was called to present the Helen Webb Paramedicine Prize and Citations and Professor Fleming proudly informed the audience of Professor Webb’s recent honours for teaching excellence, there was a clear nod of agreement and support from students. The relaxed feel and community environment of the ceremony did not go unnoticed, with one supporter and presenter commenting on the experience and how different it was from the typical awards ceremony affair. In the closing vote of thanks for the ceremony, the audience was again left moved and in awe of the calibre of the students, with Sarah O’Brien discussing the impact of receiving an award to achieve her goals and her strong community involvement in both the local Ballarat community and her home town.  As Professor Fleming noted, Sarah is one of many impressive students at the campus.

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