ACU at the Australian College of Midwives Student Conference

Published: Wednesday 11th January 2017

Second year student midwife Kara Williams wrote an abstract which was accepted by the Annual Student Conference held by the Australian College of Midwives (ACM) earlier in 2016.

While juggling assignments, exams and clinical placement, she also began to prepare a 15 minute audio/visual presentation for the conference.

On Friday 25 November, Kara attended the conference with another three ACU student midwives, along with many other students, university faculty and registered midwives from all over Australia.

She presented her topic: how students react in emergency situations on clinical placement, how they cope afterwards and Kara also introduced the idea of an online forum as a self-reflection tool.

As part of her presentation she screened a short film including video interviews with students and a clinical facilitator on their views of the online forum.

"I received positive feedback about the idea and was informed of how useful it may be, for both students and faculty alike."

"Other students presented on topics such as the importance of professional development and continuously upgrading clinical skills, time management and avoiding fatigue, and also we heard about some students' experience on international placement."

"Most importantly, we learnt about kindness to women, each other and ourselves."

"Writing the abstract and preparing a presentation was certainly a challenge, however I felt I have achieved a personal and professional goal."

"It was a success and I would be keen to participate again, particularly as I had support and encouragement from my fellow students, and ACU staff and faculty."