ACU 45 per cent more energy efficient than the Australian university average

Published: Friday 1st July 2016

ACU has retained its position as Australia’s most energy-efficient University, according to Australia’s most comprehensive survey of the tertiary sector’s environmental performance and facilities management.

The survey revealed that ACU is 45 per cent more energy efficient than the Australian university average, when measured by the amount of gigajoules of electricity and gas that an institution uses per square metre of its floor area. ACU consumed just 0.38 gigajoules per square metre in the survey period.

ACU’s energy efficiency also helped the University to restrict its greenhouse gas emissions per staff and student to the lowest of any Australian University, at just over half a tonne of greenhouse emissions per staff and student combined. The Australian university average was almost three times higher, at 1.46 tonnes.

ACU nonetheless remains committed to reducing the significant financial and environmental impacts of its energy consumption, with plans underway to upgrade lighting and air-conditioning equipment, construct sustainable buildings, and continually improve the way it operates its buildings.

The annual benchmark survey of the Tertiary Education Facilities Management Association compares the facilities management performance of sixty tertiary institutions from Australia, New Zealand, a and China (Hong Kong).