ACU 2015 Teaching Development Grant Winners

Published: Monday 7th September 2015

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Learning and Teaching) Professor Anne Cummins has announced the winners of the 2015 Teaching Development Grants. The Awards and Grants Committee received 14 competitive proposals, and the committee selected nine projects for funding. The topics align with the strategic priorities of ACU and cover a wide range of initiatives.

The successful 2015 ACU Teaching Development Grant proposals are:

1. Dr Simone Arnott and Dr Michelle Bennett, Faculty of Health Sciences, Melbourne: Mealtime Assistance Resource for Speech Pathology Students undertaking Professional Placements in Permanent Residential Care Facilities.

2. Mr Jason Betson & Miss Alyse Miller, Faculty of Health Sciences, Melbourne: The quality of sleep in final year Paramedicine students.

3. Dr Leigha Dark, Faculty of Health Sciences, North Sydney: Building inter-professional competence in Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy Students: Creating collaborative learning opportunities within curriculum.

4. Mr Stephen Guinea, Dr Tracey Sanders & Ms Elizabeth Rigg, Faculty of Health Sciences, Melbourne: Facilitating excellent teaching practices in role-play for the Health Sciences: a toolkit for staff and students informed by drama.

5. Dr Cathie Harrison, Faculty of Education & the Arts, Strathfield: Improving student outcomes through innovative connections in early years Learning and Teaching.

6. Mr Michael Noetel, Faculty of Health Sciences, Strathfield: Flipped, Online or Face-to-Face: A Mixed Methods, Cluster-Randomised Trial of Lecture Format.

7. Dr Loretta Sheppard & Dr Elisa Yule, Faculty of Health Sciences, Melbourne: Implementing Indigenous Curriculum in the Bachelor of Occupational Therapy.

8. Professor Kay Souter, Faculty of Law & Business, Melbourne: Inclusive Pedagogies for Online Teaching.

9. Dr Annie Venville, Ms Helen Brake & Ms Margaret Bramwell, Faculty of Health Sciences, Melbourne: Patients need pit crews not cowboys: Enhancing interprofessional work place readiness for undergraduate health care students.