Academic promotions now open

Published: Thursday 26th March 2015

Academic promotions provide career advancement opportunities for eligible staff from all academic career pathways.

Information regarding deadlines, changes to policy and procedures, preparing for promotion, including available support and the submission of the application pro-forma is provided below.

Application deadlines

  • Lecturer (Level B) and Senior Lecturer (Level C)
    Applications close Friday 31 July 2015
  • Associate Professor (Level D) and Professor (Level E)
    Applications close Tuesday 30 June 2015

The Academic Promotions Policy and associated procedures are reviewed each year and some refinements have been made to the Guidelines, Procedures and Application pro-formas for 2015. The revisions are summarised below and you can access the updated documents via the Academic Promotions page on the HR website.

Refinements have worked to:

  • Further embed academic career pathways in the promotions process by providing increased flexibility regarding the nomination of referees and assessors.
  • Align the promotions process with University Processes, such as the Research Performance Review and Plan (RPRP), particularly with regard to the reporting of research outputs.
Helpful guidelines

Applying for academic promotion requires significant planning and preparation. Here are some tips to consider in preparing for the promotion process:

  • Please ensure you have downloaded the current 2015 version of the policies, forms and guidelines. Applications that use previous versions of forms cannot be accepted.
  • Discuss plans to apply for academic promotion with your supervisor, and where appropriate, you may also want to seek guidance from another senior academic staff member.
  • Carefully read the guidelines and start preparing your application and evidence portfolio early to give yourself the best chance of success.
  • Consider attending Preparing for Academic Promotions Workshops being conducted. For more information go to the Academic Promotions web page.
  • If you require further information or clarification, speak with your supervisor or contact the HR Advisory Service via email or phone on ext 4222.

Where to send promotion applications:

All applications must be sent to the email address no later than the closing date.

Level D and E applicants are also required to provide three hard copies of each of their material evidence for assessment, which are sent to the Executive Officer, Academic Promotions Committee, Secretariat, North Sydney.