A message from Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Wayne McKenna

Published: Monday 23rd March 2015

Dear Colleagues

Last year, ACU began a five-year strategy to prioritise, champion and nurture research to achieve better performance in our priority research areas, build our reputation in research, improve ERA results and overall research rankings.

As you are aware, this included the establishment of seven new research institutes which embody the Mission of the University and include world-class researchers in health, education, theology and philosophy and social justice and the common good.

Part of the work to publicise ACU's new research offering and establish the institutes and has been the development of seven new websites for the institutes and a new overall website for ACU Research. These innovative websites will allow us to connect directly with our core audiences including funding bodies, potential partners and collaborators, the media, and the research community across Australia and beyond.

Three websites are now live. These are ACU Research, the Institute for Health and Ageing and the Learning Sciences Institute.

We are scheduled to go live with the other institute websites over the next few weeks. These are the Institute for Religion and Critical Inquiry, the Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research, the Institute for Social Justice, the Institute for Religion, Politics, and Society and the Institute for Positive Psychology and Education.

I'd also like to thank the many staff who have worked on this key project. It has been no small undertaking and delivered in a relatively short period of time. Your shared commitment to research intensification and the promotion of ACU research means the University has a strong future.

Kind regards