A message from Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Corporate Services) Dr Stephen Weller

Published: Tuesday 19th May 2015

Dear colleagues

In my last update, I mentioned the 2015 Service Matters survey that will be conducted from 9-22 June 2015.

The survey measures the quality of professional services at ACU by providing all ACU staff with the opportunity to have a say about our service delivery, both generally as well as across individual service categories.

The inaugural Service Matters survey was conducted last year and this year's results will again provide valuable information to help guide our service improvement efforts.

For examples of improvements to services that have been informed by your feedback so far, please refer to the Service Improvement Register on the Service Matters website.

As with the 2014 survey, the results will be analysed and themes for action will be recorded, monitored and reported to staff via the Service Matters website.

When you receive your email invitation to participate in the survey, I encourage you to help make a difference and take the time to give us your thoughts about ACU services. As well as helping to improve what we do, you could also win a prize for your efforts!