Winners announced

Winners announced

Should education be free? Is it the journey or the destination? These were the major themes debated and depicted in the recent national student competitions run by Campus Life.

The 2014 Oratory, Debating and Photography Competition winners have been announced. 

Following local campus competitions in recent weeks, the final of three contests took place on the North Sydney campus. These events included the Inaugural ACU Debating Competition final, the ACU Oratory Competition final and the National Photography Competition.

The debating finalists covered the controversial question "Should University Education be Free?" - an issue that is relevant to all students. The Oratory competition saw students explore the age-old question "the Destination or the Journey?". The National Photography Competition also investigated the theme "the Destination or the Journey" and included a winner's gallery and a People's Choice Award.

After some tough competition, the winners were decided by our guest judges and announced. The winning team for the National Debating competition was the Strathfield team, comprised of Christopher Duncan, Matthew O'Shea and Leo Boudib, who argued that university education should not be free in Australia. They beat the Melbourne team - Taliesa Robinson, Zyl Hovenga-Wauchope and Rebecca Wain - who argued for the affirmative.

After the contestants shared their arguments, the winner of the National Oratory was announced. Winning both first place and the People's Choice Award was Graham Schneider from Canberra. Winning second place was Rebecca Wain from Melbourne and winning third place was June Byron from Ballarat. A special mention to Lachlan Burt from North Sydney, Lee Bueno from Strathfield and Greg Hyslop from Brisbane for their impressive performances also.

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The National Photography Competition Winner's Gallery looked spectacular and the winners and People's Choice vote was announced during the day. The winners for the colour category were 1st prize – Chanelle Linane from Ballarat, 2nd prize – Paul David Gibbs from North Sydney and 3rd prize – William Kent from Melbourne. The winners for the black and white category were 1st prize - Megan Williams from Strathfield, 2nd prize - Courtney Bonner from Canberra and 3rd prize – Chanelle Linane from Ballarat.  A special thank-you to all staff who voted in the online People's Choice Award competition. Over 500 votes were made nationally! The People's Choice Photography Winner was Courtney Bonner from Canberra. A special mention to the other photography finalists -  Kadeem Watts from Strathfield, Anja Wach from Brisbane, Ashleigh Dwyer from Melbourne, Bridie Windsor from Brisbane and Elinor Archer from Canberra.

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