New Staff Homepage Design

new staff homepage design
  1. ACU logo linking to the ACU public website.
  2. Suggest a name for the new ACU staff site or vote on names already suggested.
  3. Skip to Content takes the focus onto the content area of this page (useful if you rely on tabbing to navigate). Site Help is the page you are currently viewing. Login logs you in as staff so you do not need to login later, e.g. pages that require staff login. However, some systems sit outside the main content management system and may require you to login again. Email links to web based email. ACU website links to the public site.
  4. Searches the staff site only.
  5. The global navigation menu presents the main change from the previous site. The staff site has been re-structured with a greater staff focus in mind. These links are to the various sections of the staff site.
  6. Date and time notes the time difference the ACT, NSW and Victoria have with Queensland during Daylight Saving.
  7. The Alerts tab highlights alert notices mainly from IT and Campus Operations that may affect you.
  8. Message tabs present messages to staff from ACU's higher executive.
  9. The staff directory may be searched by Name, Department and Phone Extension. Select the relevant radio button you want to search on. Also login to edit your profile or see other staff member’s email addresses.
  10. Popular contacts for ACU staff.
  11. Featured news carousel: click on the image, heading or more link to see full story. Use the numbers at the bottom to stop the animation and cycle through the features manually. Refresh the page to reactivate the animation.
  12. Quicklinks to applications regularly used by staff.
  13. Links to pages that explain how to do these activities.
  14. The Events tab displays events that may be relevant to staff.
  15. The Newsletter tab presents links to ACU's many (mainly) department based newsletters.
  16. Dates that are important in the academic year.
  17. Align yourself with ACU's latest marketing drive so that we can present a consistent message to our clients - students.