Criterion 4 - Developing effective learning environments, student support and guidance

Descriptor: Activities related to the creation of an engaging learning environment for students, including: supporting transition; the development of learning communities; and strategies that account for and encourage student equity and diversity.

Indicative evidence for criterion 4

  • Student survey data and feedback to students on responses /outcomes
  • Informal unsolicited student or peer feedback
  • Details of role and engagement in learning communities (formal or informal)
  • Use of learning analytics showing student engagement with student support services such as PASS and English Language Proficiency
  • Feedback from students and peers relating to roles e.g. student advisor/pastoral care or leader in learning communities
  • Extent and participation in innovation for student engagement
  • Reports evaluating the effectiveness of targeted student support interventions on student retention and progression
  • Feedback from peers or students mentored
  • Examples of leadership role and outcomes