Criterion 1: Design and planning of learning activities

Descriptor: Planning, development and preparation of learning activities, learning resources and materials for a unit, course or degree program; including coordination, involvement or leadership in curriculum design and development

Indicative evidence for criterion 1

  • Unit/course outline and materials
  • Report from National Team Leaders, campus Lecturers in Charge, and/or course coordinators
  • Student survey data and feedback to students on response/outcomes
  • Student feedback from focus groups
  • Student feedback derived from external independent evaluation
  • Tutor feedback on preparation, organisation or mentoring support
  • Feedback from teaching teams
  • Expert peer review on course/program materials and innovation
  • External peer recognition and/or review on impact of curriculum, discipline or innovation
  • Details of leadership roles and specific contribution
  • Details of mentoring and support of colleagues
  • Feedback from staff mentored
  • Letter from Chair of curriculum committee on contribution
  • Awards and citations for learning materials
  • Textbook awards