Valuing and rewarding teaching

teacher with a small group of students

ACU offers a variety of awards and citations to recognise staff and teams who have made an outstanding contribution to student learning and to recognise excellence in teaching:

  • Faculty Excellence in teaching awards (more information is available on faculty websites)
  • Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning
  • Vice-Chancellor's Excellence in Teaching Award
  • Vice-Chancellor's Postgraduate Teaching Excellence Award

ACU staff are encouraged to consider teaching awards as part of their career development options – see this document for more information An overview of Teaching Awards at ACU (pdf 177KB).

ACU also offers teaching development grants to support scholarship, program and curriculum development and innovation in higher education learning and teaching.

ACU staff interested in applying for national awards, fellowships and grants are encouraged to look at the range of awards and grants funded by the Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) (DIISRTE). For further information go to the OLT website or the ACU National Awards and grants (OLT).

The ACU Learning and Teaching Centre provides support and workshops for those nominated by their faculty to prepare external grant and teaching award applications. The LTC website also provides helpful resources for grants and awards.

For further information on awards, citations and grants or for submission of applications, please contact: awards&