Text matching (Turnitin & iThenticate)

The Australian Catholic University is committed to principles of ethical behaviour and integrity amongst its staff and students and these principles underpin all aspects of learning and teaching, research and service.  Text matching technologies compare electronically submitted work such as assignments or research papers against a database of documents. Depending on the text matching technology the database may include some or all of: other assignments, webpages, other documents, journals and conference papers.

typing on a computer

For teachers text matching technologies provide an online service allowing them to review students' work and identify improper citation or potential plagiarism issues, as well as provide digital feedback about properly cited sources in the student assessment. Text matching is an educative process, allowing staff and students to enhance their understanding of academic integrity and improve original writing and proper use of citations.

At ACU, we use the following text matching technologies.


When a student submits an assignment via the Turnitin submission inbox it scans the student submission against its own database of student submitted work, the public Internet and some large academic proprietary databases.

The submission process generates an "Originality Report" providing a text comparison helping academics review students' work and identify improper citation or potential plagiarism issues.


iThenticate is software that is designed to be used by researchers to ensure the originality of their written work before publication.

It is used to check documents such as articles and book chapters to be submitted for publication, grant proposals, theses and dissertations.