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Styling LEO units

LEO provides numerous opportunities to style, chunk and present content and activities to students. This page provides a few tips to help and is not intended to be all encompassing or a strict set of guidelines.

Before you get started:

  • Keep the student in mind when designing and styling your LEO units.
  • Your school or faculty often has a LEO template which you should be working from.
  • Keep it simple. Overuse of colour and fonts can be distracting and can draw attention away from the message.
  • The tips below relate to unit pages - those pages in LEO that list the activities and resources in each section of a unit. These tips are not related to HTML pages or Book resources or Lesson activities, which are extremely useful tools, but are not covered in this topic.

Please view the eLearning101 session, Styling for LEO, tips and tricks. The session goes over the following tips and tricks:

  • use topic summaries for titles
  • use labels
  • use the 'Paste from Word' or 'Paste as plain Text' buttons
  • don't use more than two fonts
  • don’t use the unit page for content
  • use indents
  • use images
  • don't use long activity names
  • encourage collaboration and communication
  • embed your videos
  • be consistent.