LEO Guides

Enrolling other staff in your unit

Students in LEO units are automatically enrolled through the link to Banner, the student management system at ACU. Lecturers are unable to add or remove students from their units. LEO will automatically do this itself.

Lecturers in charge will sometimes, however, have to add other lecturers and tutors to their unit.

The two roles that may need to be added are 'editing lecturer' or 'lecturer'.

An ‘editing lecturer’ has access to features and functions in a LEO unit to perform the design, development, teaching and management tasks including:

  • creating or copying a new unit
  • creating or editing learning materials and activities
  • creating or editing assessment tasks (e.g. quizzes, assignments)
  • enrolling other teaching staff.

A ‘lecturer’ role is often more like a tutor in a unit. Lecturers have access to limited features and functions in a LEO unit including:

  • accessing units in which they are involved for the purposes of teaching and assessing students.
  • access and use content and tools in units (e.g. post to forums) but not add activities or alter settings.
  • access to mark student work.

If groups are set up in the unit, the 'Lecturer' will only be able to see and assess student work where the lecturer is in the same group(s) as the student.

Adding other staff to a unit

  1. When in a unit, select Administration menu > Users > Enrolled users.
    This will bring up a list of students and staff currently enrolled in the unit.
  2. Click the 'Enrol users' button.
  3. From the popup:
    1. select the role
    2. type part of their name and click 'Search'
    3. find the user in the list and click 'Enrol' next to their name
    4. click the 'Finish enrolling users' button.

enrol a new user

The new user will appear in the list of enrolled users, along with their role(s) in the unit.