LEO Guides

Your units

This section is all about units in LEO. Every unit at ACU must have an online component in LEO. How much is online will be dependent on the mode of delivery (on campus, mixed-mode or fully online), your school's guidelines and your own ideas and skill level.

LEO units are either built from a template provided by your faculty, or they can be copied from a previous semester.

Some of the items that might exist in a LEO unit include:

  • A pdf document of the Unit Outline
  • The communication strategy and tools (such as an Announcement Forum)
  • An assessment outline
  • Actual assessments including quizzes and online assignment drop-boxes
  • Readings
  • Videos
  • Learning activities
  • Resources

If you are a lecturer-in-charge of a unit, it is your responsibility to ensure that the unit in LEO exists, it is relevant and up-to-date.