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How to publish selected Workshop assignment submissions

The Workshop activity facilitates peer-assessment of assignment submissions. When you are in the Grading evaluation phase (for more information about Workshop activity phases, please see 'How to set up a Workshop activity') you are able to "publish" selected Workshop activity submissions. To publish selected submissions you need to:

  1. Click on the Workshop activity from within your LEO unit
  2. Ensure you are in the appropriate 'phase' by clicking on the lightbulb icon next to 'Grading evaluation phase' (if this phase is not already activated)
  3. Select the Workshop submission you would like to publish by clicking on it. Mark the submission as 'published' and then click on 'Save'. When the workshop activity is closed, published submissions will be visible to all users in your LEO unit, not just teaching staff.

Once you have set up your Workshop activity, you will have access to the Workshop planner tool. The Workshop planner tool allows you to visualise the various phases of the Workshop activity. By clicking on the lightbulb icons in this tool, you are able to manually switch the Workshop activity between the Setup phase, the Submission phase, the Grading evaluation phase, and the closure of the activity. You can switch back and forth between these phases as required, but that is not recommended.

There are links in the column for each phase which indicate what happens in that phase of the activity, and what edits you are able to make to the activity at that stage.

a screenshot of the phase planner tool in the Workshop activity