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How to enable anonymous peer-assessment in a Workshop activity

The Workshop activity in LEO is for facilitating peer-assessment activities within your students. By default, the students will be able to view who a submission belongs to. You may like to consider anonymising this process, by hiding this information from your students.a screenshot of the Administration block, which has now become the Workshop administration block

To make the reviewing process anonymous you need to:

  1. Click on the link to the Workshop activity from within your LEO unit
  2. Navigate to the Administration block, which has now become the Workshop administration block, click on 'Permissions'.
  3. Select 'student' from the 'Advanced role override' menu
  4. Scroll down to the 'Activity: workshop' subheading. Locate 'View author names' and select 'prohibit'
  5. Locate 'view reviewer names' and select 'prohibit'
  6. Click 'Save changes' when you are done.

Once you have set up your Workshop activity, you will have access to the Workshop planner tool. The Workshop planner tool allows you to visualise the various phases of the Workshop activity. By clicking on the lightbulb icons in this tool, you are able to manually switch the Workshop activity between the Setup phase, the Submission phase, the Grading evaluation phase, and the closure of the activity. You can switch back and forth between these phases as required, but that is not recommended.

There are links in the column for each phase which indicate what happens in that phase of the activity, and what edits you are able to make to the activity at that stage.

a screenshot of the phase planner tool in the Workshop activity