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Turnitin regularly releases new updates to address a range of bug fixes and introduce new features. Two new versions were updated in LEO on January 2017 and April 2017.

Recent changes include:

  • Displaying the Turnitin submission inbox in a LEO frame (April 2017)
  • Feedback studio (January 2017)
  • Display students alphabetically by last name (January 2017)

Known bugs/investigation

  • Disabling the trash icon (April 2017) - now resolved in LEO (May 2017)
  • editing lecturer not automatically enrolled when rolling over an existing unit with Turnitin assignment/s (April 2017) - now resolved in LEO  - Turnitin assignments no longer rolled over (May 2017). For more information refer to 'editing lecturer not enrolled'.
  • Continuous spinning wheel (a bug) (April 2017) - now resolved in LEO (May 2017)
  • Lastname/Firstname display - now resolved in LEO (July 2017)
  • Voice comments (January 2017)

Some academics and students may see the following display in the Turnitin assignment submission inbox

  • Last name only
  • No Originality report icon
  • Missing column headings

Image displays incorrect layout of Turnitin submission inbox

Due to the recent update (to Turnitin, please clear your cache history to ensure that the new features of the Turnitin submission inbox are displayed correctly. For information on how to clear your cache history, please refer to How to clear your cache.

Alternatively click on the help option in your browser or go to a search engine such as Google and type in your query. If you require additional assistance with clearing your cache files contact IT service desk on ext 7272.

Prior to the April 2017 release the Turnitin submission inbox included a 'blue' button in the top right-hand corner of the submission inbox. This button allowed lecturers to access the Turnitin assignment settings and make changes to the Turnitin assignment.

This button was removed and the Turnitin submission inbox now displays within the frame of the LEO site, including the navigation and administration block.

If you are an editing lecturer go the 'administration block' and click on 'edit settings' to access the Turnitin assignment settings and make any changes as required.

LEO frame

Turnitin released a new 'feedback studio' view in January 2017.

NOTE: from 1 August 2017 the option to return to the 'Classic View' will be switched off.

Turnitin Feedback Studio allows you to view student assignment submissions with both the text matches found by Turnitin and feedback options including bubble, voice and general comments and rubrics.  These are both accessible in the same interface, which you can access by clicking the title of the student submission under the My Submissions screen for that assignment.

Feedback studio view

Key features of the Feedback Studio interface are:

  • Information about your submission in the header (which includes a space for your final grade)
  • A navy blue tab at the top left to switch quickly between pages of the submission
  • The submission content in the centre, with either text matches or feedback shown (or both)
  • The blue section in the right menu that contains a feedback link
  • The red section in the right menu that contains text matches and sources links
  • The grey section in the right menu of the document that shows information about your submission and the option to download.
  • The bottom grey strip that provides a zoom function and page/word count information

NOTE: the 'Turnitin classic view' will be phased out in late 2017. Access to PeerMark via the feedback studio is currently under development by Turnitin.

  • To switch back to the prior 'Turnitin classic view' click on the link at the bottom of the student submission.

Turnitin classic view

  • To return to the 'Feedback studio' click on the link at the top of the student submission.

Feedback studio

  • To view PeerMark and review student activities, ensure you are in the 'Turnitin classic view'

From January 2017 student names were displayed in the Turnitin assignment submission inbox as Firstname/Lastname.

After the recent upgrade to Turnitin in (July 2017) student names are now displayed alphabetically under the lastname.

display alphabetic list of student names under last name

If your Turnitin assignment submission inbox is displayed without  the first name column, originality report icon or other key column headings you will need to clear your cache files.

For more information about clearing caches, cookies and browser history, refer to How to clear your cache

Alternatively use the group drop down option to locate a banner group or tutorial group and filter the Turnitin submission inbox

Displays image of separate groups

After the upgrade to Turnitin in (April 2017) the trash icon became unresponsive in LEO. This problem is now resolved in LEO (May 2017).

To ensure the ‘trash’ icon is responsive on your browser, you will need to clear your cache history.

Instructions are usually located in the ‘history’ area of your browser.

If you don’t see instructions for your specific version or browser, search your browser’s Help menu for ‘clear cache’.

Lecturers are now able to use the ‘trash’ icon to delete the submission of a student from the LEO submission inbox.

  • Locate the student assignment in the assignment submission inbox,
  • Click on the 'trash' icon next to the student name and submission

Trash icon delete message

  • Click 'ok' to delete the assignment from the submission inbox
  • The page will automatically refresh and the paper submission clear
  • This will allow the student to resubmit after the assignment due date

NOTE: deleting the student submission from the Turnitin submission inbox does not completely remove it from the Turnitin database.


  • If a student has submitted before the due date they can submit multiple times before the due date. It will take 24 hours to generate a new originality report per resubmission. A student cannot resubmit after the due date and time.

Solution: student will be able to click on 'upload' icon to resubmit

  • If a student has not submitted by the due date, based on Turnitin assignment default settings, they will be allowed to submit late. The late submission will be marked in red and they will not be able to resubmit after the due date.

Solution: student will be able to click on 'upload' icon to submit late.

  • If a student submits an incompatible file (see the list of compatible file types) a 'submit to Turnitin' error message appears in the Turnitin submission inbox.

Solution: no paper id will be created. If it is before the due date the student is recommended to check the file type is compatible and click on 'upload' icon to submit.

  • If a student has not submitted to Turnitin assignment, requested and granted an extension.

Solution: The lecturer can create another Turnitin assignment with the title 'extension' and request the student submits to the extension assignment. This helps keep track of which students requested and were granted an extension.

  • If the student has submitted an incorrect assignment to the wrong assignment or part.

Solution: click the ‘trash’ icon. This will clear the submission inbox and allow the student to resubmit by clicking on ‘upload’ after the due date of the assignment.

  • If the student has submitted the assignment and then requests an extension at a later time but you don’t want the two assignment submissions to match.

Solution: Consider sending a request to eLearning.LTC@acu.edu.au to permanently delete the earlier submission.

NOTE: once the deletion process is completed, the deleted submission will be completely removed from Turnitin, and can never be recovered by anyone for any reason.

The Learning & Teaching Centre (LTC) advised all academic staff to a Turnitin issue that has arisen in LEO as a result of a recent upgrade by Turnitin.

Previously the Editing Lecturer was not automatically enrolled in new Semester 2 unit.

This occurred when an editing lecturer tried to roll over an existing Semester 1 units that contained one or more Turnitin assignments. LEO returned the following error message “Exception - Using $this when not in object context” (see image below). The LTC worked with Turnitin and LEO support to resolve this issue urgently. W

displays error message displayed when rolling over unit with Turnitin assignment

NOTE: The Turnitin issue with regards to 'Editing lecturers is now resolved and Editing lecturers are now automatically enrolled in Semester 2 units. However note that, when rolling over your previous unit into a new unit, the Editing Lecturer must create a new Turnitin assignment from scratch.

For more information about creating Turnitin assignment, please refer to How to create a Turnitin assignment.

After the Turnitin release (April 2017) a continuous spinning wheel appears under PeerMark.

The Peermark icon is now synchronising data and the bug reported below is now resolved.

PeerMark spinning wheel

This was reported to Turnitin and we will continue to monitor this issue and update Turnitin FAQs when we have further information.

NOTE: This does not affect access to PeerMark. If PeerMark activities are linked to your assignment, students will be able to complete PeerMark activities and the lecturer review student work.

  • To set up PeerMark click on the green cog icon on the Turnitin submission inbox

PeerMark cog

  • To review PeerMark activities click on the green 'PeerMark reviews' icon on the Turnitin submission inbox

PeerMark reviews

NOTE: to review PeerMark change to the Turnitin classic view

  • To report any additional information concerning this issue, please contact LEO support to ensure they escalate it to ACU Turnitin administration.

Safari browser: There is a known issue where the voice comment record button is greyed out and not accessible in the safari browser. We recommend another browser eg. FireFox or Chrome.

iPads: Voice recordings work differently on iPads. When lecturers create voice comments via iPad, the voice comments include a play, pause and delete button. Voice comments are automatically saved.

When not accessed from a tablet, lecturers must click the stop and save button to upload voice comments.