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Individual comments

Individual or teacher defined comments are free text comments which can be added to targeted areas in the student assignment.

These include:

  • bubble comments;
  • text comments;
  • general comments;
  • voice (audio) comments;
  • highlight text or strikethrough.

Bubble comments allow teachers to add individual comments to any location within the student assignment.

How to add a bubble comment

Click anywhere on the student assignment for the feedback comment option to appearFeedback comments

  1. Select the bubble comment icon in the centre.
  2. Add comments into the text box and click away from the text box to automatically save’.
  3. Use your mouse to hover cursor over the comment to read.
  4. Click the text area in the bubble comment to edit text.
  5. To delete a bubble comment, hover over the comment and click the trash icon.
  6. To move a comment hover cursor over the comment and drag to a new location.

Text comments allow teachers to write directly onto the student assignment. They are best suited to marginal comments in white spaces of the student assignment.

How to add a text comment

Click on anywhere on the student assignment for the feedback comment options to appear

Feedback comments

  1. Click on the 'T' icon to add an inline comment (this is best in a white space on the margin of the assignment).
  2. Type into the text box to write directly on the student submission and click away from the text box to automatically 'Save'.

Note: Text comments can be difficult to read if they are added ao an area of an assignment which already has text in it. The text comment is most legible when added to blank areas of the assignment, such as the margin.

To move the text comment, hover your cursor over comment and when a four headed arrow appears, click and drag to another location.

Individual comments are added directly into the student assignment and function similarly to an annotation.General comments are to provide overall feedback about the whole assignment.

General comments are either text or audio.

Text comment (5000 characters limit)

To add a general comment to an assignment submission in GradeMark:

  1. Click on the 'text icon with pencil called the 'Feedback summary'
  2. Click on the text box to add feedback NOTE this includes bold, italics, underline etc and adding URL links to general comments
  3. Text will be saved automatically.
  4. If you need to edit, click feedback summary icon and text box to make any necessary changes.

Text comments

Note: You can also copy and paste text directly into the General comments text box from a Word document!

Voice comment (3 minute limit)

Voice comments

  1. Click  'Feedback summary' icon
  2. Under voice comments, click the record button start recording
  3. To pause recording click the record button and continue recording click on the record button again
  4. When you are finished click the stop icon and select 'play' to listen to the recording
  5. When you are happy with the recording click the save recording icon.

NOTE: An Adobe Flash Player settings will appear, click ‘Allow’ and close.

Adobe Flash player

The highlight option allows teachers to select text on the student assignment and provide different colour codes linked to comments. You can also use the highlight option to select text in the assignment and use the strike through option in sections or specific words within the student work, similar to what you may do in a mark up document.

How to highlight

  1. Hover cursor over the area of text and use the mouse to select the text in the student assignment.
  2. Click the comment button or the QuickMark comments to add more context around the highlighted section.
  3. To hightlight text with different colours, click on the yellow box and select another colour
  4. Comments are automatically saved by clicking away from text box.
  5. Click the bubble comment next to your initials to 'edit' text.

Highlight text comments

How to strikethrough

  1. Hover cursor over the area of text and use the mouse to select sections of the text or single words in the document that will contain the strikethrough.
  2. To edit the strikethrough, hover over the text and the strikethrough icon will reappear. Make edits as required and click away to automatically save.

Strikethrough edit

To delete a highlight or strikethrough hover over the comment and click the trash icon.