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Release grades & feedback

A 'Post date' is nominated when a Turnitin assignment is created. This is the date and time the grades/feedback will be released to students.

The post date automatically hides the grades and feedback from the students in the Turnitin assignment submission inbox and also via the Grades link located in the Administration block.

Assignment post date

If you have a large national unit where students may be required to complete assignments at different times it would be best to create a new Turnitin assignment, as the post date is linked to the whole assignment and cannot be set for different cohorts of students.

Note: The restrict access option in the Turnitin assignment settings will currently only hide the assignment in the unit but the grade and feedback will automatically be released to students on the post date via Grades.

As Turnitin settings determine what happens, if the Grades are manually hidden in the Gradebook, this option will only be temporary and will revert back to the Turnitin assignment 'Post date' (or latest Post date in a Turnitin assignment part) within a short period of time.

Turnitin assignment parts and post date

A Turnitin assignment may have up to 5 parts.

1 x file is submitted to each part and each part may have it's own start, due and post date, however the Turnitin assignment is one single assignment and grades and feedback will not be released to students until the last post-date in one or more of the parts

What do students see when viewing GradeMark comments

Students are able to access their assignment submission feedback by clicking on the Turnitin link from within your LEO unit. On the Post date/time a blue pencil icon will appear on the students submission inbox.

The GradeMark view defaults directly to general comments and any comments added are embedded within the assignment. For a student to view comments they need to hove their mouse over comments directly in their assignment.

Student GradeMark view

Alternatively students can print out a copy of the GradeMark where comments will appear in the last pages of the report, via the Print icon located in the bottom left corner of the GradeMark view.

Student printout view

When a student has viewed their paper an icon will appear next to the Grade column.

Student viewed paper