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Mark assignments

You can add Grades via GradeMark or the Originality report, by clicking on the Grades area located in the upper right corner of the Turnitin interface.

1. Click on the --  icon, enter a grade and press 'Enter' on your keyboard.

2. Navigate to other submissions using the arrows next to the student name, directly above the Grades. Alternatively click on 'Page 1- " and select the student name from the drop down menu.

screen displays grade area and student dropdown option

Note: Only individual assignments are currently available in Turnitin. If you filter the Turnitin submission inbox by group, once you are in the GradeMark interface the navigation options will operate by the whole class. If you have a large cohort of students you should close the feedback studio view and return to the assignment submission inbox to select the next student in a group.

Turnitin pushes grades from the Grade field located in GradeMark or Originality report to the Turnitin assignment submission inbox through to the LEO unit grades area.

Note: if you have made any changes directly in Grades this will not be pushed back to Turnitin.

Only numerical grades are currently available in Turnitin. While the Turnitin assignment settings and the LEO unit grades work independently of each other, it is possible to display the Turnitin assignment grade as a letter in the Gradebook.

1. Navigate to 'Grades' via the Administration block located in your LEO unit.

2. Click on the tab 'Set up'.

3. Under 'Categories and items' click on 'Edit" next to the the category to change the whole Grade view or next to the Turnitin assignment to only change an item display.

4. Click on 'Edit settings'.

5. Under 'Grade item' click 'Show more" ...

6. Under the Grade display change to 'Letter'.

7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Save changes'.

If a rubric includes decimal points the Grade will automatically round off to whole numerical value.

To circumvent this setting, leave the Grades field in the Turnitin assignment empty. Go to Grades under the 'Administration block' and either enter grades manually or use the bulk upload option to manually upload grades into the Grades via the 'Import tab'.

Manually add grade

Note: if this is a unit with a large cohort of students, you will be have mechanisms in place to gather feedback from staff as they are marking.

For more information about exporting grades in Gradebook, see Exporting grades as a spreadsheet

For more information about importing grades in Gradebook. see Importing grades