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Download GradeMark

Downloading submissions can be helpful should you wish to review student submissions offline or keep a hard copy of submissions.

While it is possible to download copies of the student original assignment submissions, it is not possible to re-upload annotated submissions directly into Turnitin via GradeMark.

The Turnitin submission inbox provides a number of download or print options:

  • Individual download
  • Bulk download
  • Print

Individual downloads allow you to select student/s from the Turnitin submission inbox.

There are two options:

  • original files
  • selected GradeMark files

If your Turnitin assignment is linked to separate groups you can also use the group option to filter for students in your group.

The Original file download is useful if you have any concerns about the student submission, such as scanned text in the file that may effect the similarity report percentage.

Individual download

1. To download, locate the Turnitin assignment in your LEO unit

2. Click on the Turnitin assignment to access the submission inbox

3. Click to add a tick to box next to students name/s

4. Once a student/s name is ticked a 'Download' button will appear

5. Click on the drop download option and choose either 'Original files' or 'Selected GradeMark files'.

A pop up window will appear, click 'Save file' to save zip file to a location on your computer.

The bulk download option allows you to bulk download all student files either as the original file or a PDF. The bulk download option also allows you to create an Excel file of the Turnitin assignment submission inbox.

To complete a bulk download, locate the Turnitin assignment in your LEO unit.

Bulk download

2. Click on the Turnitin assignment to access the submission inbox.

3. Click one of three icons located in the top right of the Turnitin submission under the export column.

  • Original files: copies of student original files
  • PDF files: copies of student files as PDF
  • Excel: includes last name, first name, title of assignment submission, date assignment uploaded, grade and similarity percentage including internet, publications and other student papers.

A pop up window will appear, click 'Save file' to save the zip file to a location on your computer

Note: if you have a LEO unit with a large cohort of students it is NOT recommended that you use this option as it will take a long time and may even impact LEO performance.

There are some standard options in both the Originality report and GradeMark to gain more information about the student assignment or access it offline.

These options include:

  • information; includes the submission date, the number of times the student submitted before the due date, word count, page count, Originality and GradeMark breakdown,
  • iPad; code to access click on the information icon and select the 'Generate code' button. You will need to download the Turnitin app and add the access code before linking to assignment submissions in the unit.

screen displays submissions details

  • print: download a PDF of the current view (originality report or GradeMark) for printing; download copy of digital receipt or download PDF copy of the original file submission

screen displays download or print option