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How to mark an assignment

To access the Turnitin assignment, view the submission inbox and student submissions

1. Click on the Turnitin assignment link located in your unit.

Turnitin assignment link

2. Click on 'Submission Title' to access the student submission.

Submission inbox

3. If the 'Submission title' is clicked the student submission will open in a pop-up window called the 'Document Viewer". The Originality Report and GradeMark tabs will be greyed out. To activate them click on either tab in the upper left corner of the document view.

4. To enter a Grade click on the two dashes Enter Grade and enter a whole number and press the Enter key on your keyboard. Turnitin does not accept decimal values in grades. The Grade will display as a percentage or fraction.

NOTE:  If you do not want a grade to appear in the submission inbox, leave the enter Grade area of the document viewer blank and add the Grade directly into the Gradebook.

5. To navigate to other submissions within the document viewer, use the arrows in the upper right corner or click on the paper number to access a drop down menu and select another student.


Alternatively, close the document viewer to return to the submission inbox and select another student.

6. The Grade will automatically appear in the submission inbox under the Grade column and be released to students based on the Turnitin assignment 'Post Date'.

The Turnitin assignment submission inbox allows you to:

  • view description summary and edit start date, due date and post date of the part/s and marks;
  • list of students enrolled in your unit;
  • filter groups via All participants/groups;
  • identify similarity index of a student submission, the date and time they submitted and whether the student submitted late;.
  • search for a specific student via the search box;
  • download original files or selected GradeMark files;
  • notify non-submitters.

Turnitin submission inbox

The Turnitin submission inbox displays a list of student submissions alphabetically based on student last name. This information may be reordered as needed by clicking the arrow next to a column title.

Student list

By default ten students are listed on each page. To view more students click on 'Show' and select the number students per page or select all to see all the students on one page.

Allow submission of any file type

If 'allow submission of any file type' is selected, only those submissions that include selectable text will generate an Originlity Report and similarity percentage, for example, an image file.

If the assignment type does not have a file, for example, if it is an oral presentation or performance, you can still mark the submission and provide feedback to the student by clicking on the pencil icon located next to the student name under the Grade column. This will create 'Grading template' which is a blank form to add feedback comments to students.

Student and tutors tabs (are not required)

Students and tutors are automatically linked to the Turnitin assignment, when they click on the Turnitin assignment located in the unit, It is NOT necessary to click on the 'Turnitin tutors" or Turnitin students' for any further action.

Working with groups

All participants enrolled in the unit will be linked to any Turnitin assignment created in your unit. If you have to filter the submission inbox by group you will need to close the document viewer and select another student in your group.

Turnitin does not provide an option for group submission, only individual submissions. To work with Group submissions, identify a lead student and request they submit on behalf of the Group. Feedback and grades would need to be shared by the lead student with other members of the group.

Notify non-submitters

In the submission inbox click on 'notify non-submitters' to send a notification reminder via email.

Allow multiple submissions before the due date

The Turnitin assignment allows students to submit multiple times before the due date/time. This will generate an Originality report they can use to improve the quality of their submission. The first time a student submits they should receive an Originality report within a few minutes, depending on how busy Turnitin is. The second or subsequent time a student submits, Turnitin will take 24 hours to generate a new originality report, during this time the submission will remain in a 'pending' status.

Allow late submissions

If 'allow late submissions' is set to Yes in the Turnitin assignment settings, those students who have not submitted will be able to submit late. Any late submissions will be marked in red.


Turnitin assignment grades are numerical and cannot include decimal points or letters. If your assessment includes decimal points you may prefer to add these manually via the Gradebook.

Numerical grades entered in the Turnitin Assignment document viewer can be displayed as letters in your Gradebook

NOTE: Turnitin pushes the Grade from the Turnitin assignment through the Gradebook. If you manually add grades in the Gradebook they will not appear in the Turnitin assignment submission inbox.

  • To learn more about how to manually add grades to the Gradebook, refer to the LEO Guide: How to manually add grades in the Gradebook.
  • To learn more about how to configure unit grade settings, refer to the LEO Guide: How to configure unit grade settings.

Why educators love Turnitin

Why Educators Love Turnitin from Turnitin on Vimeo.


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