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How to attach a rubric to an assignment


Rubrics are created in the Turnitin assignment via the GradeMark Rubric manager. You are able to create a rubric and attach it to a Turnitin assignment both before your students have submitted their assignment, and afterwards.

NOTE: it is best practice to have the rubric available for your students to access prior to their assignment submission.

Before students submit

You can create and attach a rubric to a Turnitin assignment via the Turnitin assignment settings. To do this scroll down to the GradeMark Options and click on  'Launch Rubric Manager'.

1. To Create a rubric click on 'Launch Rubric Manager' link

GradeMark options

2. To attach an existing Turnitin rubric, click on the drop down menu to locate and attach the rubric to the assignment.

Rubric drop down menu

NOTE: this will state 'no rubric' by default which means no current rubric is attached to the assignment. If a rubric is attached you will see the title of the rubric or it will state 'rubric belongs to another teacher'. If this is the case and you choose to proceed despite this warning, the previously attached rubric will be removed and any marking or feedback previously provided will be lost.

changing or detaching a rubric alert

After students submit

You are able to attach a rubric to a Turnitin assignment after your students have submitted their assignments.

1. Click on the rubric icon located in the bottom right corner of GradeMark document viewer

GradeMark rubric icon

2. Click on the spanner icon to access the Rubric Manager

Rubric manager spanner icon

3. To attach an existing rubric click on the chain icon

Attach Turnitin rubric

Note: this option is helpful if you have opened a student submission and wish to attach an existing rubric to the assignment during the marking process.

If a rubric is detached during the marking process, an alert message will appear. If you process despite the warning any marking or feedback previously provided will be lost.

Detach rubric alert