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How to create a rubric via excel template

Turnitin rubrics are created in the Turnitin assignment via the GradeMark Rubric manager. This is either by copying and pasting information from your Word or Excel document into the Turnitin rubric table or choosing the import/export option.

Creating a rubric in Excel and using the import option is an easy way to create a rubric in a one step process. Keep in mind only qualitative rubrics can be made in an Excel template. To change it to a standard or custom rubric you must make these changes after the import is complete..

NOTE: Turnitin has its own Excel template with appropriate formatting to ensure the Turnitin rubric is successfully created.

Turnitin excel template

1. To create a rubric, the excel document must have the following characteristics:

  • the scale of the rubric must be in the first row and must not exceed 20 columns
  • the criteria of the rubric must be in the first column and must not exceed 50 rows
  • the criteria descriptions show be in the same cell at the criteria titles
  • criteria titles must be 13 characters or less

To download to a copy of an example Excel template, click here.

To import the rubric follow the steps below

2. click on the Turnitin assignment located in your LEO

3. to import click on the rubric icon located in the Turnitin assignment submission inbox

Rubric icon

4. click on the import/export icon in the top right corner

displays import export icon

5. select 'import'

6. Click ' Select files' to locate the XLS file to import

displays import page with excel template or select files

7.  Locate and open the excel rubric file located on your desktop or device. A message will appear once the import is complete.

8. To return to the Rubric manager, click 'Import rubrics' located in the top left corner.

9. The imported rubric is now available under the rubric library linked to your username. Click on the bullet points to locate and select the new rubric from the drop down menu. Once located you can edit the rubric as required or attach the rubric to the assignment.

NOTE: If you have chosen to make any edits, remember to click 'Save' to save changes.